Mr. Sumpena

Mr. Sumpena Class
last semester i had to take few subjects. Indonesian’s Foreign Politics was one of them. Well, i kinda missed the first class because i was away to finish my actual practical studies at the same time. So i gotta attend this class next week.
And one morning was the third attendance. It didn't mean I missed the second meeting but I just got no chance to type about it .
This class was lectured by premier lecturer, Mr. Soempena and assisted by Mrs. Viani. Mr. Soempena was an old funny man. In a good way. Even so, he was very entertaining and totally wise. Mrs Viani mainly gave us the lessons but because she was pregnant, she couldn't help so much. So Mr Soempena was the only one who always gave us lesson.
He was not preachy. And yet he was knowledgeable. He was the oldest lecturer on my department since he was the first bachelor from my department. Then I bet he knew the ins and outs about International Relations as my major and also about life. He had faced a lot of hardship. His wife had passed away, once I heard him said with a little bit sadness in his eyes and tried to put smile on his face.
He always made the whole class laugh. He was able to make relations between real life and theory. And he connected them both into Indonesian Foreign Politics. The result is, we could understand the concept he was trying to transfer easily. He taught us the importance of being smart. He said repeatedly that we had to have our own crazy ideas which were valuable so we were able to sale it. Yes, his words were reasonable. In this competitive globalization world, we had to be creative and dig our creativity to make different big things.
But he was scary at the same time. He was like a clairvoyant. He could guess what we feel at that time. Or even made a funny prophecy about my friends. He said to my friend, Diva, that she was about to get married twice !! then he described Diva’s love story including how his boyfriend looked like. I could see her shivering because she could not stand to hear prophecy about her.
Another example, he said that I would not make it if I went through my carrier on politics. and I rather didn't like to be in political practice job area. He said I was too idealist to be a politician. An he was right about me. I didn't wanna spend my life to be in politics. I hope so.
So, with his ability, Mr. Soempena became my fave lecturer. Yes, I will keep listening to his advices about life. J