Naked Eyes

are you really proud of your eyes ? grateful, yes. But proud ? read first.

Empirically eyes are a mean to catch what we usually call reality. We have same eyes. But those who doesn't, have more reliable one, heart. Wisemen say seeing is believing. Nonsense. Eyes are easy to be manipulated.

Sometimes, we saw what we wanted to see. Or even we saw what we didn't want to see. How could it happen ? there's a sweet thing inside our body called Solar Plexus. It consists of nerves united in a complex network, located in abdomen. You can browse more. But based on Supernova : Ksatria, Puteri dan Bintang Jatuh, solar plexus is a place where our deepest and honest feeling comes from. So our fear appeared something we could/not see.

when you see your loved one have an affair with someone else, what your eyes'd say ?
your eyes : Hey, you saw him/her walking down with someone else, and they were holding hands together. Don't be stupid, rage against them !!!
your heart : you have to calm down dear, be considerate. trust him/her but don't get carried away. Investigate when it's necessary.

and you and i often got tricked by eyes and heart, worse is you didn't even know who's talking : eyes or heart. And even then worst, you didn't know who to believe. Like i have said before, eyes are a mere tool. it can be manipulated. but heart, it understands better. Once it got manipulated, you wouldn't regret, trust me.

so, you can't close your eyes forever and rely on your heart when the truth says you are able to see. But i am really amazed to those who can't see but they really can see. They see what other people can't see. No ! i am not talking anything supernatural. I am just reminding you, when eyes see something, heart understands the thing.

so, you saw me smoking. Am i ?


  1. cara pegangnya kaku, shows that you don't smoke.


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