Solitude #7

He is Meki (or mecky ? meqi ? whatever, but at least it sounds Meki). He is the toughest motorcycle i ever rode. (Look at the picture !) At a sudden i felt his solitude when i starred at him and made eye contact with him. He has been carrying a lot of stuffs, pain, and burden all this time. Witnessing his efforts to make people on him happy, i took a bow for him. if Blue Fairy makes him alive, i'd like to ask him one insignificant question:
"aren't you tired ?"

Well, i don't sruely know his answer but seeing him going all the way, i bet he won't personally disappoint me.

So everyone struggles, so does Meki ! Go Meki !

*Oh Lord, I am so crazy, talking so much about a motorcycle*


  1. yaampun dip tuh kotak biru mbok ya dibagi ke stang yang satunya lagi.. kasian si mekee (julukan gw)... go mekee! kalo kecapekan, istirahat dulu (dibaca: mogok)ntar sakit kalo dilanjutin - daly


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