Two days ago my bestfriend was getting married and a week earlier she told me and the gang that she was eventually getting married. Well, as others responded, i threw a big smile and said, "Congratulations, tons of happiness for you both!" and blahblahblah.

 But  as time went by, my smile became wry. 

This was what happened. I never have bestfriends for real before. This one, Ms D (Mrs i supposed?) is one of my best friends from senior high school. I dont have a lot of friends but they confirmed my thought that i actually have a few of bestfriends, the true ones. I have told you earlier in my previous posts that there's few people who are willingly to stand up for someone like me. I am barely human and I don't have anything extraordinary to offer but they, including dewi, have accepted me what i am. This is something that so much valuable for me. And thinking that i am gonna lose one of friends like her just gave me a goosebump.

Ms. D is a very sweet and mature woman. She's one of best secret keepers i ever knew and she's one kind of human that does not care about what people -who don't know her- say yet she's funny and  kinda dull in serious matters. And since we four established the friendship "Berbagi Suami", she's the most closest person i got used to be with in the gang. And we share almost everything (in spite of gender difference). Our painful love stories, our family problems, and other stuffs. I knew her for almost ten years and i know a bit about her transformation. It got me thinking after she told us that she was getting married that I am gonna lose one of my bestfriend. 

I feel so terribly sad because of it. I don't mean my feeling toward her as an affection of a man longing for a woman but it's like she's the part of me that is going to be gone in a minute and not coming back. I am not ready to sip on loneliness feeling again and i don't think i am capable to take it back. I know once she got married, everything'd be a bit different. She now is a housewife and has a lot of new responsibilities. And for sure i don't wanna burden her by sharing the stories like we got used to do. 

But for the most of my life, i have never been happier than this. I'm totally happy thinking that she  could finally stop being galau, because deep inside, i know that she is worth a lot of happiness. And after attending her wedding, i know i would miss her as a single bestfriend :)

the Beautiful Bride, my bestfriend :D

Eight years ago, we were still laughing on how love fooled us. but two days ago, you woke up in the morning and realized you were Queen already. Congratulations, Mrs. Dewi :) 

Semoga sakinah mawadah warahmah.

Mrs. D between Me and R