Duta Bahasa Jabar 2012

me and my partner Yesi explaining the program

Yesterday, i went to Car Free Day Dago to perform one of my duty as Duta Bahasa Jabar (Language Ambassador). Car Free Day (CFD) is a day when in certain areas no motored vehicles are allowed to pass. In Bandung there are two areas: Dago and Buah Batu. But it is not a full CFD because it is only regularly happened at 06 am - 10 am. CFD held in Dago, or anywhere in this matter, has triggered one big question that has been exasperating me: what is the point of having a Car Free Day if people still use motored vehicles to go there and park nearby? Yes, people still use their cars and motorcycles to go to CFD and park nearby. So the essence of spreading the knowledge of green issues has been less useful and not efficient. People also still throw away the beverage cans, plastics, and their food dumps everywhere. It is no wonder then when CFD time is over, the street will be dirtier and the traffic will be over crowding for a short period. But hey, that is not my point. CFD is where people spend their morning in Sunday, jogging, cycling, rollerblading, whatever it is doing healthy exercises. And there are various communities performing or simply inviting to join. It is fun. It also means there are a lot of people that we can embrace to know more about our own language both traditional and national. 

I woke up at six thirty and came a bit tardy. I saw my friends preparing when i came. We previously had dealt to meet up in front of Borromeus Hospital. Well, the whole morning we mostly campaigned about our culinary Glosarium ( a list of words with its literal meaning for a specific theme). We brought "seafood" translated as "boga bahari/hidangan laut" or "steakhouse" translated as "rumah makan bistik". So people can actually acknowledge another words they don't know yet. And in the end we just hope people will use it daily. (why am i using English anyway :p) 
Besides campaigning Glosarium, we invited people to join our community, Komunitas Duta Bahasa Jawa Barat. How to join? it is simple and easy. The selection will be held in early June.

I am myself the selected Duta Bahasa Jawa Barat for the 2011-2012 period, with my partner Yesi Haerunisa. We both have brought the second runner-up at the National Competition. Yes, if you are chosen as the selected Duta Bahasa Jawa Barat, you will go to the national. You will be able to meet the other Duta Bahasa from 33 Provinces. How cool is that? I have gained a lot of things in this community. Friendship and valuable experiences are two things i feel the most. Btw, this year there is no fee registration (compared to last year, 75k-100k rupiahs)

Back to the CFD, Yesi came tardier than me. She just checked in after we almost ran out of brochures. So we had to explain the program to people that ran into us. 

After the CFD was over, we went to Papyrus Studio to take some pictures of us. Both professionally and amateurishly. Amateurishly taken pictures:
@ papyrus

with Duta Bahasa Pelajar

Oh well, i forgot to introduce Duta Bahasa Pelajar to you guys, my bad. So before i close this article, there is Duta Bahasa (for) Pelajar. It is Duta Bahasa for senior high school students. The aim is the same, to promote the proportional use of languages but specifically to students and teenagers. The first Duta Bahasa Pelajar was held in 2011. 

So would you mind joining us?