who are you

i am not sure whether it's a whip or a spider web

the who-are-you question

Last Friday i had a radio interview in the morning. Its theme was about outstanding youth. I was asked to join that one hour interview. Some of you maybe will deliver an objection why i have been allegedly chosen as part of the talk because truly i was wondering what's outstanding about me really. Because apparently there were three other guys who would be interviewed as well. The first guy is the founder of the eco-community that has raised public awareness about environmental issues. The second guy is the founder of the community that moves in helping less fortunate children. The third guy is the founder of the micro-entrepreneurship that help eradicating unemployment in micro scale. The fourth guy is me, the founder of..... well.....a fast-eating community that tries to redeem instant hunger all over the world. Oh, yes it is fake and i totally felt useless. However I  had confirmed yes as it would be interesting for me to meet those people. Even though this is not something new to me, having a radio interview about things but you know, i sometimes couldn't maintain my (duty) image.

Despite those people with abysmal contribution for society, i actually had sensed what were the questions so i wouldn't end up looking stupid. And i was right because the questions were quite similar:

the Announcer: who are you actually?
the first: i am the founder..
the second: i am the founder...
the third: i am the founder...
me: i am just a graduated student that loves to read and i am now recently looking for a nice job that suits me perfectly well. hahaha,
*everybody laughed*

the Announcer: what actually motivates you to do what you have been doing up until now?
the first guy: i see that our society nowadays won't consider environment as an important matter so blablaba.
the second guy: i know that some of our children have been abandoned in the streets yet they need education blablabla
the third guy: i am curious to find a way how to employ jobless people around my residence blablabla
me: i am very fond of Aristotle's concept of Altruism through his Eudaimonia and Autarkia thingy that really suits my personality. And it simply motivates me. *I was really wanting to say that but of course i had to stay insane by not saying what people did not want to hear. But then i was thinking what actually motivates me then these word came out of my mouth:*  "i see many people lost their opportunity to do something they want in their lives because they are underprivileged. i just want to inspire them that they actually can do it without any excuse."

the Announcer: What is your dream, and are you getting it now?
And i was the first to answer. darn.
Me: i always dreamt to be a superhero but a less-great superhero, a sidekick to be exact. I wanted to be Robin who's been next to the Batman fighting injustices. Why sidekick? Because once i fail helping people, i won't take responsibility as big as Batman because i am only his sidekick, right? getting my dream as Robin? i don't think so but i hope i am getting closer helping people. 
*this answer actually was more or less the same that i said when i had had another radio interview before, but still it came clean and thanks to experience, but if you want to see the authentic evidence of me wanting to be a superhero, you'll just have to take a look at this:
after saying that, i saw a doubtful facial expression in the rest of people in the room. the same went for the first, second, and third guy who likewise said they wanted to be a successful environmental activist/agent of change/businessman.

Announcer: what's the greatest mistake in your life? and how do you get over with it?
i didn't quite catch what those guys said but overall they said that they rarely did a big or even great mistake as they life is going like they have planned. Their admitted that their mistake was as tiny as "when i was in school, i did not study hard".
me: at first, i would say the same thing but then i watched Episode Milk of How I Met Your Mother and had courage to repeat Lily's verbatim:
There are certain things in life where you know it's a mistake but you don't really know it's a mistake because the only way to really know it's a mistake is to make a mistake and look back and say, "Yep, that's a mistake." So really, the bigger mistake would be not to make the mistake because then you go your whole life not rally knowing if something is a mistake or not.
Then i think, mistakes are not something shameful or meant to be forgotten. Because we also learn from it. to get over it is to get over it. keep breathing and let's continue our life.

In the end, we concluded that we have the outstanding part in our selves but sometimes it needs a tough effort to make it come up since it's well-hidden in our comfort zone.

that's four top questions that made me sweat. after the interview, i found something in myself that is i might not be useful yet for the society but i am trying to be. i want to share the inspiration that makes me keep moving forward. And yes, if you had me on an interview, i really can't say something cliche. or maybe it is cliche but actually it is deeper than what people might think. Oh ya, one more thing. How i am tantalized by superheroes!