Snow White that Stabs

When Snow White is not with the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White is a legendary fairy tale that i like since i was a kid. Who doesn't know Snow White anyway? along with her seven dwarfs friends?

movie i just watched, good

Back at that time, i only imagined Snow White as a princess with a very pale and white skin, so white that makes her appear covered in snow because i acknowledged her from a fairy tale book without the illustration. And based on every fairy tale book, Snow White's described as a good-hearted, compassionate, and pristine princess who suffered from a mental-problem yet narcissistic step mother. Then the Disney made her alive in firstly animation film in 1937 titled Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Previously, there are many countries that embrace Snow White as its fairy tale but the most popular and fancy version came from Germany collected by Brothers Grimm. The story was featured with poisoned apple, a shiny glassy coffin, and the cute seven dwarfs.

My first encounter with the Snow White:
First Snow White i saw

At first, at least for about first thirty minutes, i was in the dark about what idea was the movie trying to imply. The setting is too focus on medieval attribute that is shocking me yet boring for me. I started to lose the visualization of my childhood as the picture above. From the title, anyone can see that Snow White is not with seven dwarfs anymore whereas she might prefer a huntsman than them. He is definitely more eye candy than them. Even so the Huntsman doesn't ring the bell in my childhood Snow White. 

But as the story goes Snow White and the Huntsman brings me a new spectacle to look at old Snow White in my childhood which is only made for children and babies. This Snow White is preferably watched by adults. I have just watched it and i have three points that attracted me the most:

1. The Real Snow White
who wants Snow White?

This is the main factor why i keep on watching Snow White and The Huntsman with the great expectation. Kristin Stewart is an expert of playing an evasive woman whose characters is not only in need of men's protection but also able to instill great independence. Maybe the image of a weak woman in her vampire-world protected by two men -vampire and werewolf- lingers a bit but it fortunately helps her to consume the character of the new version of Snow White. In the medieval age, we often potray princesses as relentless women who can only hide on their man's back but after watching this, Snow White proves that eventually some princess got claws. It means Snow White has to defend her kingdom and dignity using her sole power not begging her man to do her revenge. Then this movie becomes more interesting when she decides to take her stepmother down bluntly. She asks her people to be with her. And the arousal she is making among her men in Hammond Place shows that impertinence doesn't only belong to men. I sense there's a feminist norm in this movie which was obviously not existed in the Disney version. I was familiar with the weak Snow White that depends on her man. But this Snow White declares war and finally stabs dagger at her step mother. It's mother-daughter time! 

In this matter, Kristin succeeds playing this character. 

2. The Plot
The movie has its own interpretation without making the old story falls into oblivion. I still can sense the originality of the old story but otherwise the Snow White and the Hauntsman makes the fairytale even merrier. The more, the merrier, they said. From the title, anyone can see that snow white is paired with seven dwarfs. On this movie, she is accompanied by a huntsman, handsome one. I had to wait seven dwarfs, the prince, and the shiny glassy coffin to come out. The latter one did not come out at all whereas the seven dwarfs and the prince is a uniquely different from the old version. There's one forest where seven dwarfs live in and the visualization of living being in there is simply beautiful. The fairy, the turtles, the magical deer, they are amazing to be put in one scene with White Snow. In addition, Snow White and the Huntsman meet a group of women that scar their faces to save themselves from Queen's narcissistic jealousy. This is deep enough to correlate why the Queen actually wants to knock every beautiful girl in the world out. Not mentioned the trolled that flatters with Snow White. I said it earlier, the more the merrier.

Albeit i miss the shiny glassy coffin, i think the rest is fine.

3. Threesome Trend
The plot fortunately is not falling into a triangle love as in Eclipse series. When Snow White eats an poisoned apple, she needs to be kissed by her prince, William. But no effect, maybe he is not kissing her strong enough. Later on, when the Huntsman kisses her, she happens to conscious. First, whose kiss actually makes her awake? Second, why is it to be them both kissing her? Maybe the scriptwriter leaves it to us or simply wants it to remain a mystery. But it was brave enough to deliver a triangle love without falling into its cliche. It is also shown in the end of the movie, Snow White doesn't have to choose one of them.. But as its title, the movie actually focuses on the Huntsman rather on the Prince. 

Conclusion, to have a new perspective in old fairy tale, Snowman and the Huntsman is worth your attention. With the new version and interpretation you will be able to find why beauty is actually pain.