"Playlist is simply a list of songs. Constraint satisfaction techniques were developed to create playlists that satisfy arbitrary 'sequence constraints' such as continuity, diversity, similarity, etc." ~Wikipedia~
This afternoon I learned something important from an unimportant thing. It happened after I left the scientific philosophy class earlier because the lecturer came late and extended the time. I was bored and I decided to go. I went to parking area immediately because i saw the skies were quite cloudy. I thought it would be very nice to ride a motorbike for home with earphones plugged into my ears serving my favorite play list. Right before the rain fell for sure. But my wish became insatiable when the clouds began to pour some raindrops. It touched my skin very slowly and gently that dramatically dragged me into a melancholic ambiance. I complained a little about being afraid of getting soaked but still managed to plug the earphones into my ears in the midst of rain. But instead clicking my favorite playlist as i planned before, I unintentionally clicked "play all songs" in random mode.

Instead of pulling off the motorbike to adjust my favorite playlist, I kept going on. Yeah, Life’s too short to remove USB safely. So I kept riding with some random songs keeping me accompanied. I have more than 250 songs in my music player but turns out I always pick two or three and repeat it over and over. I might be   conventional and inefficient but i like to have so many songs as options for i don't have many of it in life.

Everything seemed gloomy as I listened to unexpected songs which were supposed to uplift my mood a bit but not unfortunately. I must say that the rain, the songs, and me getting soaked have successfully coalesced into a universal conspiracy reminding me again of what I’ve been trying to pick up:  scattering pieces of a broken heart. When i got home, i abruptly wrote down the songs. 
Here are the songs, following is in shuffled order as i listened :

Firasat – Marcell
Lagi Bohong – Soulmatch
Waiting in Vain – MYMP

On the way home, the rain got heavier but I didn’t back down.

Rumor – Butiran debu
Senza Fine – Gino Paoli
Maha daya cinta – Krisdayanti
Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch
Manusia Bodoh – Ada Band

Judging from the playlist above you must assume that I am a cheesy guy with some old sentimental songs, right? Not entirely wrong and right. 

There some of those songs my friends downloaded along.
There’s one song that I was smitten with when I was a second grade junior high school so that I played it almost every single night before I went to sleep. 

There’s one new song I recently listened that appeases me so gently. 

There’s one song I have deep memories in it and make me want to hang myself every time i hear it. 

There’s one song I am forced to like. 

There’s one song that every time I listen to it, my mind shouts loudly, “Why the hell are you listening to such a trashy song?”

There’s one song that reminds me of my perpetual stupidity. 

There’s one song that scolds me too much I can barely listen for the second times.

Okay, now here it is. What’s the lesson?

Life’s is a playlist containing random songs that some you hate, some you love, some expected, some unexpected but all needs to be faced. Immerse yourself in the ambiance. Enjoy every single words and tunes.

Just sing along. 

P.S: maybe you need to pull off awhile to put your raincoat on so you wouldn't end up shivering at home while sipping a cup of coffee you don't like.