this building is really nearby but i never get a chance to figure it out

Yesterday i went to grocery to buy stuffs. I didn't expect anything extraordinary during that short journey from my residence. It only took me 15 minutes to wrap what i needed in the grocery and went to the cashier. Because it was really freezing out there and no place had i thought more comfortable and warmer than my room. So i rushed back from grocery after i got what i needed.  While i was walking home, i passed a couple looking at the big church gothic building  at the left side of sidewalk. I didn't know why but my intention to came home fast became weakened as i eavesdropped, accidentally, their conversation.

A: That building is really beautiful.
B: Ya, but you're more beautiful.
A: Ah, thank you for bullshitting me. Let's go there anyway, i wanna explore what's in there with you.

They kissed and then walked on the pavement to the church.

So, apparently i had talent to spy on people. But more importantly, i took a picture where they were standing. The building was, indeed, beautiful. And their conversation was really warm somehow. For five minutes, i tried picturing myself and someone i love just looking around near the building. 

Then I chuckled. 
No thanks.

But then at home, i remembered a picture that i took when i was riding a bike:

Holding hands when riding a bike? really?

You see, those people always find a way to astound me.