Door Duisternis Tot Licht

Last night I witnessed my own dream leaving me empty: I was only blanketed in opulent darkness and floating comfortably without destination. I was free and lost: catching my own hands i couldn't see, reaching a heart i couldn't feel. I was trapped and okay. It was on repeat over and over as if it was only my destiny. 

I woke up sweating. My hands cold and the remaining waves of anxiety and doubt kept hitting me even after i opened my eyes. I was exhausted as if i had been having a series of explosive laugh, or cry, i didn't know i couldn't differ. I felt groggy and weepy. Even so the immediateness moved me from the bed and made me ponder how today could be a bit different. 

I walked slowly into the sun and noticed the shining morning dew. 

Door Duisternis Tot Licht.

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