No Longer

Those years of numbing relentlessly.

But no longer numb I am.


I feel.

The sun rays falling onto my face. The gritting mountain chill. The frailness of young heart.
The roaring sea breezes. The quaint granny’s lazy chair. The consoling hazy mist. 
The chirping forests. The gloomy sky. The fading city lights. 

The murmuring sound of sleeping cats.
The obscure silver linings in the clouds.
The unconditional motherly love. 
The heart-warming laughter. 
The shimmering full moon. 
The delicate kitten’s paws.

The subtlety of storm. 
The limpid river flows. 
The sweet scent of blossoming iris.
The intimate overnight conversation. 
The rain pattering on the roof at night. 

The healing wilderness. 
The stranger’s kindness. 
The surging hopeful soul.

The post-training sprained ankle. 
The simplicity of having a good sleep. 
The sunshine infiltrating through the leaves. 

The interminable patience of spring. 
The exuberant joy of summer. 
The poignant melancholy of autumn. 
The great fortitude of winter.

The sense of belonging to solitude. 
The tears drenching the pillows.
The acceptance of letting go.  

The beauty of staying alive. 

We all know, 

learning to love life again

in its entirety is

a long journey.

That being in love is not only necessarily with a person, 
but also with life and its whole package. 

Bandung, 03.10.20.

P.S. Went uphill for a morning run and sprained my ankle today, 
then came home with this thought on my shoulder.


  1. I've been following you on Twitter since 2012 & I like seeing your progress in crafting your sadness into beautiful acceptance. You write your story to the reader as if you share your days to a close friend. I'm hoping that one day we cross path somewhere to share each other's bitter-sweet life story.


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