About Me

Hi there!  

My name is Pradip and this is the page where we get to know each other. 

Okay, me first. Where should I start? 

Coming from a low-income family, I feel fortunate enough to have graduated from International Relations at Padjadjaran University. Once graduated, I started working as a TV journalist at TVRI. I harboured a deep affection for journalism by working there for nearly five years. At the same time I also took a double master's degree program at Padjadjaran University majoring Environmental Studies and University of Twente majoring Environmental and Energy Management. All by scholarhsips. 

After completeing my master's degree in 2016, I decided to take a career break and braved myself to start backpacking in Australia on working holiday. During that time I was working in hospitality field from being a housekeeper, receptionist, sous-chef, waiter, all-rounder barista, to stock taker. I was also working as a correspondent for my former employer in Indonesia. Basically any jobs to make ends meet. I have licenses in basic barista and Responsible Service Alcohol (RSA). 

In mid 2019 I got my feet back in Indonesia for good. I am currently working as a teaching staff and a project-based interpreter/translator in an NGO that concerns on education.

I am passionate about journalism, environmental communication, human ecology, and community participation. I am also eager to collaborate on a project that suits my capabilities and experiences. I recently completed Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM) from Project Management Institute USA and Certified Public Speaker (CPS) from Public Speaking Institute The Philippines. I also have certifications in environmental journalism from Climate Tracker, Basic Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL A), Advanced Open-Water Diver from PADI, fact-checker from Google News Initiative, and energy management from University of Twente. My portfolio can be accessed on LinkedIn while my publications can be read on Google Scholar‬.

I kill my time in nature by hiking, diving, running, and doing the bike-trips. I recently started a Podcast channel 'Bumi dan Manusia' with my friends, talk about random things on Twitter, and post some of my memories on Instagram. Please pay me a visit. Or you can buzz me at pradipta.dirgantara@gmail.com. 

So, that is a little bit about me. Now I would like to listen about you if you don't mind.