wish i were superman

Every pain in the world grows from injustice, social and political disorder and many other things that make us think that we are alone and nobody understands what we feel. And some of us get used to mumbling : It’s not fair God ! or even the common complain : Why always me God ? don’t be ashamed to spill our dirts.

Growing older with problems we hardly solve just adds another wrinkles to our face. Wrinkle is more and solution is less. Yeah, I really know how it feels. Yes, our unsolved problems mean wrinkles. Many problems we face everyday, everyhour for a president. And it varies from one to another. Depend on who we are, who you are. And who I am.

To me, Poverty is the only problem that makes me sob most. Who doesn’t ? become poor means become unable to have everything we need, we want. But trust me, I can tell you  more.

 I have been growing in simple environment with simple facilities and simple dreams. I said simple but it doesn't mean inadequate. People are satisfied with everything simple . Because some of us often generalize simple into easy. Simple is easy and easy is simple. But simple doesn’t always mean easy referring good. Since I just wish simply to be a rich man and am still on going to that simple dream. And it’s hard you know. Even to get a single 10.000 rupiah cash. Simple but difficult to reach. It means having a simple dream to be a rich man is obviously not a simple dream. Let’s classify it into a complex dream. Simple dream, from what I have heard and observed, is basic needs. The poor rarely dream of having I-Phone 3G nor the newest BMW series. They only want to be secured. Basic needs like food, shelter, and casual clothes like we always get. Warmth that we always get when we sleep with a colourful cartoon printed blanket. Ask them what is their dream and they will simply answer that they want to sleep under roof, not the stars. They dreams are things that we often have.

I m not a greedy and hedonist people. Name every single dirty word but I m still a thankful man. And seeing the poor who are not able to do all normal activities like we are, hurts more than when my girlfriend broke me up. It’s just like I really can give help to them. Give everything I can give. But then I realize that I m one of them. I m poor ! Not mentioning my financial status and personal difficult problems I’ve been through, but I m really a waste to society. i can see and know well their difficulties but i m unable to help them the way they needed. Su*k.

All I’ve been doing everyday is about myself. I work partime to get money so I can suffice my own needs without asking more money to mom. I spend hours to read books only to acknowledge my ability and to give answers to my curious. I m thinking read to lead. But if it only makes useful to me , my reading is like to lead me to be a fifth year old child who reads to spell not to imply. Let’s say it, I m just a waste.

I know this life I’ve been running is my own life and it’s really okay if I myself is the main actor or even the single actor in it. But thinking it repeatedly lately makes new paradigm on my mind. I can see people struggle to live. Maybe I m a pragmatist but I m never be a opportunist. Those reflections just simply put me to be more useful. So I started to share what I know about the world to others like getting myself involved in non-organizational education organization. At least my pastime can lead to a useful activity and it lessen my feeling to be a waste even though not enough contribution thoughts still running circle on my mind. Don’t underestimate me ! I m helping people here ! I m far to be called a rich man. Nor knowledgeable people (since I m only senior high school graduates). But three things that always make me comfortable and smile is to be thankful, to care, and to never surrender.

Speaking of this, my fave heroes popped up on my mind : SUPERMAN. Why ? because he is perfectly a big help to others. A little bit handsome, blue eyes, steel abs, and bla bla bla.  the point is He is a perfect match to save the world. Not made to be understood. But made to understand. Not born to get help. But born to give helps. A complex personality inside who simply helps people outside, not expecting anything. I wish I were Superman. And I promise I will use my power to aide people, not to cheat on exams using my x-ray vision nor hook a sister up. God, I wish you hear my promise and you can give me superpower. LOL. At least to be him, I can prevent sadness on people’s face. I can annihilate problems chaining them everyday.  yeah, keep dreaming !

But deep inside in my heart, I m still thankful born to be a normal human. Only human :)

020310-on a gloomy night.


  1. hey,one of my fave song
    it may sound absurd,but don't be naive, even heroes have the right to bleed, i may be disturbed, but wont you concede, even heroes have the right to dream, it's not easy to be me
    i'm only a man in a silly red sheet, digging for kryptonite on this one way street, only a man in a funny red sheet, looking for special things inside of me

    keep your dream alive! :)


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